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Video Production

Pre-Production (The Plan)

SCRIPT Development

Every great video starts as a great idea. At Oak Film Co. we have a specialized team of award-winning creatives who help you take those ideas and make them a reality. We use the same screenwriting best practices used in blockbuster films to create a compelling script for your story.


The success of a video's production comes from how well the logistics get handled in the pre-production phase. We have a dense network of production partners throughout Augusta, Georgia, and a broader network of partners throughout the United States. Having a network of reliable partners is vital to being able to produce larger videos without running into hiccups.


When it comes time to make your creadreams into reality, you want to know that you have the best video production team possible helping you. Besides our own incredible team, we also bring in production talent from all across the United States. We have worked with Sundance award-winning directors to Oscar finalists. That's the caliber of film crew we bring to the table.


Getting great talent on your crew is only part of the puzzle. It takes a great actor or actress to really get your vision across in the video. By being deeply involved in the Augusta film community, Oak Film Co. can ensure access to top local talent and when necessary, fly in talent from the West coast. Diversity is more and more important for brands these days. We know, appreciate, and understand how to make sure that your video appeals to people from all walks of life.

Video Production

Production (The Shoot)


Our in-house director has 3 Emmy® awards from creating top quality video. From working closely with the client on understanding their creative vision, to coaxing the best performances out of the talent in front of the camera, we bring a certain level of polish to everything we direct.


"Painting with Light" is a famous book on cinematography, and the name alone implies the difference between a cinematographer and a videographer. Every shadow, every glare, nothing is overlooked when it comes time to making the best image possible for your video.

Sound Recording

Birds chirping, the swing of a golf club, a horn from a 1990's Miata, those are all sounds that might seem like forgettable details in a finished piece. We know how important those details are to elevate the quality of your video. That knowledge is one of the many reasons we take good sound recording so seriously when it comes to producing your video.

Production Design

Another often overlooked aspect of video, production design is the art of what objects are present in the frame. From props and background colors to furniture and wardrobe choices, all of these fall under the direction of production design. We tie in all of these many pieces to create a comprehensive whole that brings a higher level of quality to your video.

Post-Production (The Edit)


Editing is too often treated as an afterthought by other companies. We put our editing as a number one priority with every shot we take. Shooting for the edit means that we save us time and you money when we head into the post production phase.


Oftentimes, the footage we shoot will look "raw" when we download it from the camera. This is because we compress the light and dark parts of the image in order to capture the maximum amount of data possible. During the post production process, our video editing team takes your footage through a color grading session where the light, shadows, and color are all painted back into the footage.


Even when every sound we capture has perfect levels, we need to mix and sync that audio to the final edit. During the sound mixing phase we make sure that our voices are crisp, our music fills the room, and our sound effects blend subtly into the background.


From removing distracting parts of the footage to creating a custom animation for your logo, our post production team has all the skills necessary to perform even the most advanced VFX & GFX.

Distribution (The Play)


We are here for you even after we deliver the final product. Our skillset doesn't just end at video production, we also have extensive experience in broadcast video marketing and digital video marketing. From making media buys in broadcast to coordinating a multi-platform digital strategy, our team has you covered. 


Planning for broadcast media buys is far from intuitive. Regional restrictions, demographic targeting, and measuring results through synced analytics are just some of the aspects that we handle for you. We aim to make your distribution experience simple and stress free.


What's that new buzz word that's floating around these days regarding digital video? OTT, or Over-the-top, refers to any platform where your video can reach your audience without having to deal with the old-school gatekeepers known as cable providers or local TV. As businesses are learning to build out their OTT networks and how to measure results from their efforts, we are leading the charge for helping companies determine their OTT strategies and infrastructures. Tracking data across multiple platforms and gathering meaningful analytics to inform future production goals is a walk in the park for our analytics team.