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Paid - Starting June



Oak Film Co. is looking for a full-time Senior Video Producer! We are located on Broad St. in downtown Augusta, GA. We are a passionate team of creatives who offer a variety of digital services to our growing client base, with a focus on video.

Check out some of our projects here: vimeo.com/oakfilmco

What’s the job?

You would work directly with Oak Film Co.’s creative director to do the following:

  • Concepting and planning videos with clients

  • Casting talent for shoots

  • Hiring crew for shoots

  • Running the set during shoots

  • Leading the cinematography direction on shoots

  • Supervising the post-production process

Who are we looking for?

Our ideal candidate would be:

  • Has at least 3 years experience as a videographer/editor

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) or FCPX

  • Passionate about video editing and storytelling

  • Subscribes to video blogs and influencers like Shane Hurlbut, Philip Bloom, NoFilmSchool, Cinema5D, etc.

  • Loves movies and speaks cinema

  • Obsessed with learning new things and organized to stay efficient

  • Might describe themself as detail-oriented, a stickler for polished cuts, a problem solver, can pick up new tech faster than we can finish writing this senten--

But you may have other cool qualities we’re excited to learn about.

What’s the job like?

It’s morning, you get to the office, get settled, join a morning meeting to update everyone on progress. You grab a muffin and a drink from the snack bar.

Muffin in hand, you head to your desk, open your email to see a project scope from a new client who shares an amazing story or product. You grab a notepad and brainstorm for a bit before opening Slack and sending your ideas to the creative director to discuss.

The CD loves your ideas and wants you to move them forward in production. He gives you the budget requirements for the shoot. You fire up Final Draft, rough out a script, then get on Facebook to send out some crew and casting notices.

Once everyone is booked up, the day of the shoot arrives. You help pack the truck with the necessary gear for the day and roll out to set, stopping to grab breakfast with the team beforehand. You, your crew,  and the creative director work side-by-side making sure to get the best possible footage for the script. After wrap, you supervise everything getting back to the office and make sure all the gear makes it home safely.

The next day you jump straight into Premiere (or Final Cut X) and get slicing. By the afternoon, you have your selects laid out, a story coming together, and a rough draft to show the creative director. He gives you some starting notes and you work those into the edit.

By the end of the week, you have a completed video on your hands that gets reviewed by the whole team before sending to the client for final notes. You get the video back and the client LOVED it. We all go out for tacos to celebrate!

What does Oak Film Co. have to offer?

We like to bring a bit of the Silicon Valley worklife to our little corner of the South. From an in-house snack bar, to frequent company lunches, to professional development sessions watching the latest movie, we are constantly team-building and having fun between jobs.

Here’s an idea of what the typical perks of being an Oak Film Co. crewmember involve:

  • Salaried position

  • Very flexible vacation policy

  • Free snacks and drinks in the office

  • Frequent team lunches

  • Free Swag

  • “Fun Fridays” where we focus on passion projects

Okay, sounds kinda cool, but what do you pay…?

Well, like trying to price a video project it depends on a few factors, what’s your experience level, what all do you bring to the table, etc? We will certainly make a fair offer once we meet and see how the fit is for you and the team!

The ideal candidate would be able to start ASAP , but we’re flexible for the right person. If all this sounds up your alley, we’d love to hear from you!

Please email us your resume and cover letter telling us about yourself and why you want to work at Oak Film Co.


We look forward to learning more about you!