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Augusta Film Resources

The Augusta film community is growing. Whether it's a Clint Eastwood movie in the heart of downtown or a commercial shoot in Summerville, film is finding a home here. One of the many reasons is because Augusta-Richmond County currently has no permit requirements or fees on productions. Augusta also has many different vibes depending on where you are in the city which makes it great for finding just the right location! 

This growing industry obviously requires TONS of resources. Thankfully, the Augusta community is prepared!

Augusta Film

Southeastern Filmmakers

If you're looking to get involved with Augusta film, Southeastern Filmmakers is a great place to start. Their only requirement to participate is to have a love for movies. From beginners to pros, Southeastern Filmmakers wants to bring people together with a shared interest in video production.

Le Chat Noir (Wages of Cine)

Similar to Southeastern Filmmakers, Wages of Cine strives to bring the filmmaking community of Augusta together by giving aspiring filmmakers a platform to bring their ideas to life. From the 30 Second Movies series to their annual project made up of 12 directors and 12 stories, collaboration is at the center of all they do. Not only does Wages of Cine have cool projects, they're also partnered with one of the most intimate performance art venues in downtown Augusta, Le Chat Noir.

American Audio Visual Services

When it comes to getting audio/visual equipment for an event in Augusta, American Audio Visual Services has you covered. They offer some of the best technology available such as Midas Pro digital audio consoles and 4K LED display panels. The skilled technicians at AAVS have helped to produce many live events and have the experience to make you feel like you're in the right hands.


Just about anything you could possibly need to make a movie in Augusta can be rented from Indiegrip. From trucks, to lighting, to cameras and more, Indiegrip provides dependable services and quality resources for your production. Almost every film made in Augusta has worked hand-in-hand with Indiegrip and Oak Film Co. is proud to do the same!

Augusta Film Office

The Augusta film community is made up of many skilled filmmakers who come together for local films. One of the best ways to connect with crew, talent, and locations in the area is through the Augusta Film Office. They have connections with the twenty surrounding city and county governments as well as vendors and craftspeople to help cover every need for your film.

Aiken Film Commission

The Aiken and Augusta film communities share many connections. The Aiken Film Commission is another helpful resource for all things film in the area. They are dedicated to helping filmmakers find just what they need to put together the best video.


Finding talent in a new area can be difficult. Luckily, the Augusta area has three great talent connection resources so you can find just the right people for your production.

The Southern Casting Call acts as a hub of information because they post casting calls from all areas of the southeast. They have an extensive network so your chances of finding exactly what you need.

If you're looking for a more personal experience, Mama Bear Casting may be a better fit for you. Susan Willis, or "mama bear," shows her passion for her clients' success by teaching classes and assisting with audition tapes.

Red Willow Talent, thanks to Sheila Lynn Cochran, is an agency with experience behind it. Sheila holds her actors to a high standard of professionalism as a result of her own time in the industry and encourages lots of training.

Film Festivals

Film festivals are the best place to go to see what's up and coming in the indie film world. Here in the Augusta area we have plenty to choose from! Southern City Film Festival, Poison Peach Film Festival, and Black Cat Picture Show are a few of our favorites. Southern City was awarded FilmFreeway's "Top 100 Film Festivals" award in their opening year. Poison Peach is a one-day festival hosted at the Imperial Theatre featuring many local works including student films from Davidson Fine Arts and Augusta University. Lastly, Le Chat Noir hosts Black Cat Picture Show which is the only internationally adjudicated film festival in Augusta. 


THIS is a list that could go on and on. Augusta has a ton of places that fit so many different visual aesthetics from vintage mills to the canal. FilmAugusta.com has a huge catalog of locations to choose from.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your passion for filmmaking may be, Augusta is a growing and thriving community to be a part of. If you see any major resources that you think we missed, please let us know!